Linda and Bob


Linda and Bob first performed together in 1995. In 2018 they decided

to make a CD of Christian songs they had written. After recording the

fourteen songs, they asked Mark Sargent to record tracks, and Mark added

a bass guitar track to all the songs. They named the CD "On Our Way."


When the CD came out in 2019, Linda, Bob and Mark performed

a concert at the Sparks United Methodist Church in Sparks, Nevada,

to introduce the CD. Then COVID hit. Linda and Bob had to take a year off,

but in August of 2021, they put on their second concert.


Then it was time to make a second CD. They went to work on that in 2022,

and early in 2023, the CD came out. They named it "The Journey Continues,"

a continuation of the the "On Our Way" theme presented in their first CD.


On March 12 they performed their third concert.